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Cubs stay in Arizona, the Cubs would Dye without help in outfield

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Well it looks like the Cubs will be staying in Mesa, Arizona for the next 25 years. Apparently Chicago will get a new $84 million dollar complex out of the deal.

What’s pretty cool out of this deal is that the Cubs will have the final say in the design. But, I wonder what the people in Arizona have to say about this, especially when it comes down to tax payer money.

Hopefully when the deal is all said and done the Cubs will start looking like a professional ball club going into April.

Chicago is also seeking a fourth outfielder. Former Cub Reed Johnson is available, for some odd reason I wasn’t a Johnson fan the past two years when he played for Chicago. I’m not into the whole “scrappy white guy” player. Yea, Johnson did play his role and got the job done, but I don’t know, just wasn’t good enough for me, I guess.

I would rather have a corner outfielder with some pop…Jermaine Dye.

Some interesting stats from last season to look at:

Jermaine Dye: .250/27/81

Alfonso Soriano: .241/20/55

Grant it that Dye did play 27 more games than Soriano last season, but hey, in the end the numbers don’t lie. Maybe if the Cubs sign Dye to a one year deal it would light some fire under Fukodome’s and Soriano’s ass.


Written by cubsfan1983

January 24, 2010 at 2:06 am

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