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Chicago Cub players always complained they can’t wipe their own ass without the media knowing about it and Tom Ricketts is now doing something about the situation. Ricketts is expanding the Cubs clubhouse, which the players felt like they had no privacy in the previous years. Expanding the clubhouse could be really ideal for Chicago. When Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban bought the Mavs one of the first things he did to improve the team was renovate the clubhouse and its been paying off.

I know renovating a clubhouse doesn’t bring a championship home, but I think it makes the players feel welcomed and encourages the players to stay in the facilities.

The players would also want to stay around the ballpark because of the new nutritionist they hired. For all the Cubs home games they will serve breakfast, a light lunch, and a post game meal. Why would they want to leave now? They’ll have every meal available to them. I wonder if this new nutritionist has anything to do with Soto losing 40 pounds (or is he just not getting high) and with Zambrano getting into shape this offseason.

What’s nice is Ricketts just isn’t benefitting the players with new changes but also benefiting the fans as well. The team is going upgrade their food (thank you Tom). He is also making an opening in Right Field so people could watch batting practice from the outside. But, the Cubs already have something similar to this, so I don’t see how this is a change.

Ricketts is already starting to make good changes and it sounds like he is listening to both the players and fans for this comfort level. Obviously the players comfort in the ballpark and the fans comfort with some decent food in Wrigley. Hopefully he sees the big picture and start to make changes with upper management on a scouting and development level, as well as a general manager and team manager too.


Written by cubsfan1983

February 8, 2010 at 7:11 am

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