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I could use some Dunkin Donuts

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The Rickets family is giving out Dunkin Donuts and coffee tomorrow morning to fans who wait in line for Cub tickets. That’s a pretty neat idea on the Ricketts end, gives the fans an opportunity to ask questions, hopefully tough ones.

There are some steroid allegations on Soto’s 40 pound loss; I expected these allegations to start appearing, don’t really blame people for thinking steroids, especially with the way Soto is looking. I give players the benefit of the doubt, and hope steroids weren’t involved in his weight loss. He should just take a piss test or whatever they do to test for steroids, and clear his name right off the bat. Soto has a pitching staff to concentrate on and doesn’t need anybody questioning his new eating habits; maybe he stopped getting the munchies.

 Cubs management and Ryan Theriot meet tomorrow for the arbitration hearing. I cant wait for the Cubs to let Theriot know how invaluable he is. Hopefully the Cubs win this case, Theriot isn’t worth a penny.

Written by cubsfan1983

February 18, 2010 at 5:41 pm

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