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I could use some Dunkin Donuts

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The Rickets family is giving out Dunkin Donuts and coffee tomorrow morning to fans who wait in line for Cub tickets. That’s a pretty neat idea on the Ricketts end, gives the fans an opportunity to ask questions, hopefully tough ones.

There are some steroid allegations on Soto’s 40 pound loss; I expected these allegations to start appearing, don’t really blame people for thinking steroids, especially with the way Soto is looking. I give players the benefit of the doubt, and hope steroids weren’t involved in his weight loss. He should just take a piss test or whatever they do to test for steroids, and clear his name right off the bat. Soto has a pitching staff to concentrate on and doesn’t need anybody questioning his new eating habits; maybe he stopped getting the munchies.

 Cubs management and Ryan Theriot meet tomorrow for the arbitration hearing. I cant wait for the Cubs to let Theriot know how invaluable he is. Hopefully the Cubs win this case, Theriot isn’t worth a penny.


Written by cubsfan1983

February 18, 2010 at 5:41 pm

All-Decade Team

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Stole an idea from Cardinals blog C70, an All-Decade Cubs team, this should be rather easy.

Catcher: Geovany Soto. Obviously Soto won Rookie of the Year in 2008, but more importantly he handled the pitching staff well in ’08, as well as showing the guy has some pop in his bat. After a disappointing season last year, he’s going into spring training this year with 40 pounds off his stomach.

First Base: Derrek Lee. Lee arguably could have won MVP in 2005, .335/46/107. Lee’s been the Cubs anchor at first base most of the decade, saving many shitty throws from Theriot, two time gold glover as a Cub.

Second Base: Mark Derosa, aka the best utility player ever! Second base has been a revoloving door the past decade. When Dero wasn’t playing second base you would be able to find him wherever the Cubs needed him. He always came to play. Chicago missed him in 2009.

Shortstop: Easy pick, Alex Gonzalez. I hate Theriot, plain and simple.

Third Base: Aramis Ramirez. A-Ram has been the most consistant Cub this past decade. If there was one person who I would want when we need the big hit, Ramirez is the guy to get it done.

Left Field: Moises Alou. Had a hard time with this decision, but Soriano plays a poor outfield and has yet to live up to the great expectations he came with.

Center Field: Corey Patterson. The kid had a lot of expectations as the Cubs pumped him through the system too fast. He had a remarkable first half in 2003, but had to miss the rest of the year due to an injury. In just 83 games he managed 298/13/55. Its too bad things didn’t work out for Corey.

Right Field: Sammy Sosa. There is no way I was going to pick against him. Althouht my choices were limited to Fukodome and Burnitz.

Starting Pitcher: Carlos Zambrano. Big Z is basically one of my favorite players to watch ever. Although, not being the most consistent, which is obviously Ted Lilly, when Zambrano is on he is unhittable; just ask the 2008 Houston Astros.

Relief Pitcher: Carlos Marmol. He’s the filthiest pitcher in the game.

Manager: Dusty Baker. I hate Lou, soon enough you guys will find out why.