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State of the Cubs Union Address to Ownership

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Mr. Ricketts,

As a season ticket holder and lifelong Cubs fan I feel that I could speak for most Cubs fan to say that the Cubs are going into 2010 in turmoil. As you know the Cubs haven’t won a World Series in over a century. Think about that Tom, 100 years; that’s a helluva long time. That’s older than my great grandfathers!

Winning just the division is unacceptable and you have to bring a World Series Championship to the Cubs in 2010 by any means possible. You already missed a golden opportunity by not signing Orlando Cabrera at shortstop for just 3 million. Maybe Hendry should be put on the chopping block? By not adding Cabrera to the roster you sacrificed a quality shortstop and leadoff hitter, as of now we don’t have either.

Also on the chopping block should be current Cubs manager Lou Pinella. On your journey to purchasing the Cubs you surely must have seen him sleeping in the dugout. He says he still wants to manage, but he obviously isn’t getting the job done. In the meantime you have former Cubs great Ryne Sandberg wasting time with the Iowa Cubs when we need him in the big leagues already. Sandberg will give Chicago what they need and that’s a rude awakening. It seems like the players got too comfortable with Lou, I mean look at it, it did take him three years to move Soriano down in the lineup.

Speaking of Soriano what will it take for doughnut eating Jim Hendry to dump him? If he got rid of the head case of Milton Bradley I’m sure he could do the same with Soriano. Obviously you’ll have to eat some of his contract up, but wouldn’t it be worth it in the long run if we win a World Series out of it?

By the way Tom, who is our starting second basement this year? Mike Fontenot? Jeff Baker? I sure hope not, they’re both bench players, at best. Hendry could have easily put Theriot at second base if Cabrera was signed.

Tom, here are your main issues going into 2010:

– Shortstop

– Second base

– All three outfield positions

– Two more starting pitchers

– The entire bullpen except for Marmol

– A lazy manager

That’s a lot of problems with the team, and with the exception of getting rid of Bradley and signing Nady it’s the same shit as last season. So how on earth do you expect us Cub fans to believe that we’ll be contenders this season?

I do applaud you for taking over this franchise, but I hope you did it mainly for the right reasons. You will make lots of money out of the Cubs, but just imagine how much more money you’ll be able to make when you bring a championship home. You’ll be cherished in the city forever.

Remember Tom, your name may say team owner, but it doesn’t mean your emotionally invested like life long Cubs fans are. You took on a world of problems and I hope you make the franchise better real soon.

Written by cubsfan1983

February 1, 2010 at 11:41 am